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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kitchen Helper

Thank God for Drama Queen. Without her, I would have to slog even longer in the hot and humid kitchen each day. Wish I can say the same for the other 2 girls, who prefer to do their own things instead of helping out every evening. Each day I would have to holler at them to come and help out, like today. And all the big girl and littlest one did was to help me peel the shells off 6 hard-boiled eggs. That's it. Can you beat that, can you?! And to them, it's a big deal *shake head*!!!

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On days when Drama Queen is in a cooking mood, she would help me to cook the rice, soak the vegetables, chop /slice / grate the vegetables, cut spring onions and lime leaves, peel garlic and onions, fry omelette and saute the meat.  I wish our kitchen was bigger so that I can drag the other 2 girls into the kitchen too, to do the rest while I put my legs up, sit on my massage chair under the fan, do my own work and just holler at them, giving them instructions to do this and that. I am very good at delegating jobs. But dream on la...

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