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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Appointment With Cardiologist

Yesterday I met with a cardiologist at a private hospital in Subang who is the hubby's family friend.  I know that my heart flutters are caused by my extremely low blood count / low iron as our body needs red blood cells to bring oxygen throughout the body. The lack of blood may cause shortness of breath and heart flutters and in extreme cases, even heart failure. My gynae had warned me of heart failure if I do not increase my iron ASAP!

But the hubby wanted me to see this cardiologist, just to get a second opinion.  So off we went  to the hospital yesterday morning. The doctor had asked me to fast from 12 midnight. I had my last meal at 8:30pm. By the time I had my first meal, it was already 12:30 noon, a fast of 14 hours.  Surprisingly, I didn't feel hungry as I drank lots of Izumio :)

Anyway, no test was needed and my fasting was in vain. Never mind.  Good news is there does not seem to be any problem with my heart.  The only problem is my low blood count and of course the fibroid in my uterus that's causing the heavy menstruation.

I left the hospital feeling relieved that I am not a heart patient as feared. I have to continue with popping 2 Sangobion iron tabs each day with lots of iron-rich foods. The doctor mentioned medium rare steak with oozing blood! Oh. My. Gawd.  I am not a lover of beef and definitely not a sucker for anything with blood oozing out!  He also mentioned pork liver.  Another Oh. My. Gawd. food which I absolutely abhor!

What choice do I have?  Eat these blood rich meats or risk collapsing!

After we left the hospital, the hubby brought me to tuck into my favorite bitter gourd pork noodles. This time, I ordered extra pork liver, eeeewwww!  And ate the bowl of noodles as if it were some kind of Fear Factor yucky stuff.

Image may contain: food

Back home, I forced myself to eat more meat and had char siew and chicken, washed down with a mug of red dates water that the mil boiled.

Image may contain: food

Tonight I will be having double boiled chicken essence again.  Gosh, this is really starting to feel like confinement minus the baby!  My doctors have advised me to indulge in beef, lamb and pork liver to my heart's content and forget about the cholesterol. When your body craves for blood, it will be able to accept all the rich food without causing much problems.  And I think it's true. I feel great these few days and can even run without feeling breathless anymore. My exercise session each morning has increased from 30 minutes to 45 minutes 🙌  And the heart flutters have lessened a lot too 😊

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